“Controversial points” between Baghdad and the region delay the approval of the oil and gas law


Ali Abdul Sattar Al-Marshoud, a member of the Oil and Gas Committee, acknowledged that the oil and gas legislation has not yet reached the committee owing to problematic points being discussed between Baghdad and Erbil, and that its adoption is conditional on addressing the difficult points.

According to Al-Marshoud, “Points of disagreement between the regional government and the federal government delayed the referral of the law to the Oil and Gas Committee,” pointing out that “the central government refuses to make a change to the paragraphs that the regional government is required to amend, which is the spirit of the law.”

He highlighted “the continuation of discussions between the Ministry of Oil and the committee formed by the Prime Minister and between the regional government and the political forces to end and resolve the controversial issues.”

Al-Marshoud conditionally accepted the oil and gas legislation on addressing the problematic points based on the meetings he deemed excellent and favorable, emphasizing that the law would be passed during the current session when the difficult issues are resolved.


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