“Continuing obstructions”… A parliamentarian accuses America of building an Iraqi communications system


Jassem Atwan, a member of the House of Representatives, accused the Obama administration of delaying an effort to construct a local-military communications system in Iraq today, while explaining the government’s position.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, Atwan stated that “there are obstacles and impediments placed by the Washington administration in the face of Iraq’s attempt to build a local or military communications system,” emphasizing that “the American side always tries to obstruct any agreements that are in the interests of Iraq.”

“The current government planned to free itself from all the agreements signed with America and imposed on Iraq after the Gulf War, including exiting Chapter Seven and freeing the country from choosing its military fate,” he continued.

The member of the House of Representatives noted that “the most important agreements that Washington obstructed were its intervention in the Russian arms agreement, and how it interfered with the agreement and thwarted the contract,” adding that “There is no law that prevents Iraq from choosing the appropriate weapons for it, from any country, to defend it.” “His lands.”

Military communications are the backbone and beating heart of the army, as affirmed by military institution literature, and have become an important component in strengthening combat capabilities and providing commanders with an accurate image of the battlefield scenario.

The United States of America is dealing with a lot of ambiguity when it comes to equipping Iraq. While it provides all the Kurdish Peshmerga troops require.


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