Citizens complain about “impossible conditions” set by banks to obtain dollars


Obtaining the dollar at the official rate has been a source of concern for citizens, despite the existence of the necessary circumstances.

“For the second time, he had a medical trip to complete the recovery of his daughter and his donor wife,” said Duraid Salman, who received a liver transplant for his daughter in India. He went to a Rafidain bank to get dollars at the official rate in order to pay the hospital’s treatment fees rather than buying dollars on the secondary market at excessive prices.”

“During his submission of the required documents for him, including an official visa, a travel ticket, and all the necessary conditions,” he continued, “he was surprised that he was not included in the dollar, justifying that he does not have a residence permit, and it was not mentioned in the ticket at the time of return.”

He stated that “residency cannot be granted in such cases,” but that “the patient is granted a visa for a period of 6 months, and the date of return is determined not by the patient, but rather by the hospital upon completion of treatment.”

He inquired about “the reasons for the complexity and routine in obtaining the dollar for the real person who needs the dollar in such humanitarian matters,” adding that “the bank’s auditors suffer from excessive crowding and staying under the hot sun in order to obtain 3 thousand dollars for the traveler.”

He urged “officials to put an end to the suffering of citizens, especially for those who have a patient because he needs treatment and to provide medicine,” saying that “these complications and routine push us to obtain dollars from the parallel market.”


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