Chamber of Commerce: America caused the dollar crisis and recorded a rise in the prices of goods and medicines


Diyala Muhammad Al-Tamimi, the chairman of the Chambers of Commerce, stated on Monday that there had been a considerable increase in the cost of essential products and consumables owing to the ongoing rise of the dollar in the parallel market, accusing America of attempting to ruin the national economy.
According to Al-Tamimi, in an interview with Al- “The rise in the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market represents a source of concern for the markets in Iraq, as it leads to pressures that lead to a significant increase in the prices of basic materials, including food and medicine, with no controls to curb prices.”

He went on to say, “There are four reasons for the rise in the parallel market, the most prominent of which is the high levels of demand for purchases for reasons related to paying dues for commercial transactions, in addition to paying the costs of travelers for the purposes of tourism, treatment, and visiting religious shrines, accompanied by pressure with the launch of the budget, which requires the purchase of imported materials to establish projects.”
“Washington plays a negative role in the parallel market file by imposing sanctions and limiting the flexibility of the dollar’s movement, which creates greater pressures that lead to a contraction of cash with an increase in demand, which leads to an increase in parallel market prices, which may rise,” he explained.


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