Biden spends about $100,000 on Botox and hair transplants


Gary Motiki, a famous plastic surgeon in California, claims that US President Joe Biden has spent up to $100,000 on plastic surgery over the years.

According to the New York Post, Motiki said on Instagram, “President Biden is now 82 years old.” “I believe he has had plastic surgery, including a facelift and hair transplant.”

“We can see that even 30 to 40 years ago, his hair was thinning very dramatically,” he said, “and then we see some indications that he underwent a hair transplant.”

Motiki then drew attention to Biden’s forehead, which he described as having a “unnatural appearance,” adding, “This indicates that Biden underwent a brow lift.”

Other procedures Biden may have had include eyelid lifts and Botox injections, according to the surgeon.

“This is not surgery,” one fan said, “he’s a completely different man.”

“His plastic surgery is horrible, but he sure is addicted to trying to destroy this country,” remarked another.


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