“Behind the scenes of the attacks”: A soldier exposes the impact of the bombing on the Ain al-Assad base and describes it as “terrifying.”


On Saturday, a member of the army troops in Anbar Governorate described the consequences of the Islamic Resistance’s missile barrage on the Ain al-Assad base, denying American reports that it responded to missile attacks with air defenses.

Hussein Al-Dulaimi issued the following statement to the “The statements broadcast by the American forces from inside the Ain Al-Asad air base in Al-Baghdadi district in the Hit District, west of Anbar, regarding confronting the attacks of the Islamic resistance on the base building by means of air defenses, are baseless and not based on global credibility.” He is inside the base facility, where resistance rockets have damaged one of the American military airport’s runways, rendering it inoperable.

“The bombing operations also resulted in the death and injury of a number of its soldiers,” Al-Dulaimi stated. The number could not be confirmed owing to stringent restrictions set by American soldiers on their places within the base building,” saying that “the resistance rockets generated horror, anxiety, and hysteria within the ranks of the American forces, whose defenses collapsed.” “The air force responded to the resistance attacks after they penetrated the security fortifications.”

He also pointed out that “the whirlwind of smart weapons possessed by the American forces has become just a lie in the face of missile attacks.”

Since October 18, 2023, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has carried out a series of missile and drone assaults against American military locations in Iraq and Syria in reaction to the US’ backing for the Zionist occupation in its war on Gaza.


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