Barzani returns with an empty basket.. His proposals are not convincing, and Baghdad insists on implementing the budget without amendment


The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, returned to Erbil with nostalgia after failing to obtain additional sums of money for the region, at a time when Barzani’s concerns increased after demanding that Baghdad audit the disbursements of all funds sent to Erbil and refrain from paying them as salaries to its employees.
Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Planning Committee, MP Muhammad Al-Baldawi, reveals the details of the demands of the regional government delegation headed by the Prime Minister of the Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, indicating that Barzani demanded a reformulation of the special paragraphs in the budget.

In a statement to Al-Maalouma, Al-Baldawi stated, “The Kurdish delegation’s dialogues turned into a frank exchange between the two sides of the government, the leaders and chiefs of the state administration, and the Kurdish side.”

“The Kurdish delegation presented two demands,” he continued. The first was to fund the area 800 billion each month to pay the region’s employees’ salaries, and the second was to evaluate all Kurdish-related issues in the federal budget.”

“The other side, which is the government and political forces, demanded that the region’s clear position be stated regarding its dealings with the federal state and its commitment to the laws and constitution, and the second is to show the position on the statements of the federal state,” Al-Baldawi said.

According to him, “the government asked the delegation to make the budget a basis for dealing between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, as well as to speed up the end of the presence of Iranian opposition elements and other armed groups.”

“What the Kurdish delegation requested in terms of granting it 800 billion will be discussed and voted on by the Council of Ministers, preceded by taking the Parliament’s point of view after hosting the Ministers of Federal Finance and the Regional Government under the dome of Parliament to explain the full details of the money the Region received and where it went,” he explained.

Expectations for the announcement of solutions

Mahma Khalil, a Democratic Party representative, confirmed the end of the budget crisis between the region and the center following a series of negotiations between the two parties, indicating that the Council of Ministers will issue several directives to resolve the crisis during the next session.

According to Khalil, “the Kurdistan delegation expressed a serious desire to resolve the crises in accordance with the constitution and offered quick solutions, specifically implementing all agreed-upon provisions.”

He added, “Ending crises requires decisions by the Council of Ministers and Parliament. Everyone must obey the constitution, political agreements, and government policy.”

“There is a sincere intention and desire on the part of the center and the region to resolve the outstanding issues,” he said, “while we expect the Council of Ministers to vote on important decisions that are in the interest of the country.”

During his greeting of the Kurdish delegation, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani confirmed Baghdad’s commitment to fulfilling the terms of the budget and the constitution.

He stated that “the government has worked, and continues to work, to ensure that the requirements for a decent living for Iraqi citizens, including regional citizens, are not hampered by any legal or administrative problems.”

Representative Muhammad Al-Baldawi, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Planning Committee, previously revealed to “Al-Ma’louma” the details of the demands of the regional government delegation led by Prime Minister of the Regional Government Masrour Barzani, indicating that Barzani demanded a reformulation of the budget’s special paragraphs.


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