Barzani Party: We seek to amend the budget law


On Tuesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party parliamentary bloc reaffirmed its intention to change the general budget legislation to remove the word “actual spending” from the statute.

Vian Sabri, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, told “Al-Ma’louma” in an interview that “discussions are continuing between the federal government and the region to address the issue of the three-year budget,” adding that “there is an agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to send 700 billion dinars per month to the region for a period of time.” Three months, with the understanding that the settlement must be completed by the end of the current year.”

She went on to say, “The Kurdistan Regional Government has committed to its duties regarding the budget issue, especially regarding oil and other belongings, and it has dues from the federal government,” and added that “the two governments are now in the process of addressing the issue of border crossings.”

She went on to say: “Oil export is one of the important topics for discussion between Iraq and Turkey, and it is hoped that understandings will be reached in the near future since oil export revenues have a direct impact on the budget.”

When it comes to the oil and gas legislation, she said that “there are some complications that occurred within the House of Representatives that caused the law not to be passed, including the election of the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, in addition to the issue of local elections.”

She went on to say, “Next year will witness the legislation of many laws, including the Oil and Gas Law.” Sabri urged the nation’s capitol to take action “not to oppress the regional government and its citizens, and to strive seriously to amend the budget law, because the actual spending paragraphs are very influential, and the region’s percentage of 12.67 is a very small part of the real revenue percentage.”


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