Anbar.. Warnings against Al-Halbousi’s team seizing control of the election ballots and falsifying the results


On Saturday, Naeem Al-Dulaimi, one of Anbar Governorate’s sheikhs and notables, warned of the ramifications of the Taqadum Party, led by Muhammad Al-Halbousi, putting its members into the Election Commission, implying that this measure intends to gain success at the expense of other blocs.

“The Taqaddum Party forced its representatives into the Commission’s office, which created a state of despair among citizens who hope that these elections will be fair and free of fraud, and pressure on the Commission to achieve Al-Halbousi and his party’s desires,” Al-Dulaimi said in a statement to Al-Ma’louma Agency.

He went on to say, “The efforts of influential blocs and parties may drag the governorate into political conflicts that will cast a shadow on the security situation due to a lack of political understandings.”

He stated that “under the guise of corruption files, the ruling party is working in secret to remove a number of heads of service departments and replace them with figures loyal to the party in a step that would enable the ruling party to control all government departments.”

“Anbar will witness a political struggle between the Taqadum Party and the other parties to obtain political gains and not to serve the people of the governorate,” Al-Dulaimi added.


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