Anbar begins burying and burning hundreds of tons of American forces’ waste


Qatari Al-Obaidi, director of the Jubba Municipality Department in Anbar Governorate’s Al-Baghdadi district, stated on Monday the start of activities to burn and bury hundreds of tons of rubbish from American personnel stationed at the Ain Al-Assad base.
According to Al-Obaidi, “the municipal departments in Al-Baghdadi district have begun burning and burying the waste of the American forces stationed at the Ain Al-Asad base, which is being transported via large wheels designated for this purpose and thrown in an unsanitary manner in an area near Wadi Houran, west of Anbar.”

It is worth noting that an Anbari official previously acknowledged the terrifying spread of cancer and kidney failure in the areas of Al-Baghdadi district in Hit district, west of Anbar, as a dangerous indication of the emission of carcinogenic radiation from American forces’ waste, in addition to the fact that its forces are conducting training operations using various weapons.


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