An Iraqi parliamentarian demands that “free” oil be cut off from Jordan immediately


Zainab Al-Moussawi, a member of the Parliamentary Oil, Gas, and Natural Resources Committee, stated on Wednesday that Jordan’s stances are “always hostile” against Iraq, particularly with the official Popular Mobilization Forces.

Al-Moussawi, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, urged the Iraqi government, led by Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, to halt the supply of free crude oil and cut it off from Jordan, claiming that “they do not deserve any support or even assistance from Iraq, which is facing accusations and a sharp attack on its institutions.” Iraq’s government, includes the Popular Mobilization Forces.

Al-Moussawi regarded her demand as a “broad popular call,” noting that “the Jordanian hostile positions are met by the Iraqi government continuing to pump oil almost for free, and supporting their government with our money for no good reason.”

Al-Moussawi went on to say, “The quantities of Iraqi oil supplied via trucks amount to 10,000 barrels per day, representing 7% of Jordan’s energy need, and their prices are 16 dollars less than the price of oil on the global market.”

Al-Moussawi went on to say that “Jordan does not always refrain from showing hostility and gloating over any calamity or affliction that befalls the Iraqi people, and they do not hesitate to heal any problem or catastrophe.”

Activists shared video recordings on social media of Jordanians denouncing the sit-ins on the Iraqi-Jordanian border in support of Gaza, as well as insulting the Popular Mobilization Forces and pledging to fight.

The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO” announced in its most recent official figures that the average selling price of crude oil exported to Jordan in October was $75.5.

It is worth noting that Iraqi oil exports to Jordan have increased to approximately 15 thousand barrels per day, as part of an agreement that updates the previous agreement, which required the sale of 10 thousand barrels per day of Iraqi oil to Amman at prices approximately 16 dollars less than the price of a barrel during the month.


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