An important economic recommendation for the Central Bank after it used exchange companies to sell dollars to travelers


On Saturday, economist Omar Al-Halbousi suggested that the Central Bank choose cautious exchange businesses that follow its rules and procedures while selling dollars to airport passengers.

Al-Halbousi explained to “Jarida” to the effect that “exchange companies are considered more connected to the public, as they are the easiest and fastest in doing business, and that the Central Bank’s decision to use police methods to fight and restrict them exacerbated the exchange rate crisis, and proved that they were not behind the dollar leak.”

“The evidence for this is that, despite fighting it and strangling it with measures, the dollar continued to leak into the black market and out of Iraq, and that the Central Bank sided with the real problem and went to the exchange rate,” he emphasized.

He went on to say, “The Central Bank of Iraq’s decision to ask exchange companies to open branches at airports to sell dollars to travelers contradicts its previous measures to fight them, which is what made it return today once again to seek their help in selling dollars.”

He went on to say, “Therefore, we hope that the choice will be for prudent companies that are committed to the decisions and procedures of the Central Bank and avoid favoritism, as happens in favoritism with private banks, which contributed to complicating the exchange rate problem and embarrassing Iraq before the US Treasury Department.”


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