An extraordinary session to “frank with the people”… a parliamentary movement regarding the dollar crisis


Representative Mahma Khalil declared on Saturday that he aims to gather signatures from MPs in order to convene an emergency session and host key authorities in response to the surge in selling prices of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

“The rise of the dollar against the national currency has had a negative impact on the Iraqi arena, as it is related to the livelihood of citizens,” Khalil told Shafaq News Agency, adding that “reducing the rise in the exchange rate is the duty of the government and the supervisory authorities, while Parliament is still absent and negligent in addressing this rise.”

He emphasized that “the government must clarify the reasons for the rise in the dollar, which is expected to rise further, and develop solutions and strategies in this regard, as well as prevent manipulators and speculators from operating in the Iraqi market.”

Khalil stated his intention to “invite the Speaker of the Council and his first and second deputies, and collect the signatures of 50 deputies, to hold an extraordinary session in the presence of those concerned (the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank), to be frank and reveal to the people the reasons for the rise of the dollar against the Iraqi currency.”


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