An economist who explains how to cover the Iraqi gas deficit through development


On Monday, economic affairs expert Muhammad Al-Saadi described how to offset the shortfall in Iraqi gas via development and the gas exported through it to European nations.

“Iraq can be a gas-exporting country towards Europe,” Al-Saadi said Al-Maalouma, “provided that the gas in its lands is extracted and used after achieving self-sufficiency.”

“There is the possibility of investing in the development road and establishing a gas pipeline parallel to the road in order to transport gas from Iraqi fields, as well as Iranian and Qatari fields, and linking them to the gas pipeline on the aforementioned road to export it to Europe and the countries that need it,” he added.

“Iraq can get its share of the gas exported through its territory for free,” Al-Saadi added, “in exchange for securing the gas pipeline through its territory.”

He stated that “there is a possibility to provide gas and cover the deficit through the country’s access to a percentage of the exported gas through the pipeline through the development path until the production of gas in quantities sufficient to achieve self-sufficiency.”


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