An economist warns about expanding electronic payment services: Do not be eager to solve these matters


On Thursday, economic researcher Ziad Al-Hashemi said that extending electronic payment systems will give a “partial solution” to Iraq’s monetary dilemma.

Al-Hashemi stated in an article published on the “X” website, which was soon followed by “Jarida” , stating that “the new government measures to activate electronic payment services on a large scale are a step that will provide (a partial solution) to the monetary problem in Iraq, and we are awaiting other real solutions to address the rest of the chronic problems.”

He went on to say, “But we should not expect electronic payment operations to solve the problem of rising exchange rates as a result of the leakage of the dollar from the economy to finance trade and illicit operations and support penalized economies.”

He goes on to say, “This serious problem requires (political boldness) and (rigidity in decision-making) to solve, which it is clear so far that the Iraqi official system lacks and does not have any of its tools.”


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