An economist explains the reasons for delaying the implementation of the general budget


Today, Wednesday, economic expert Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani attributed the delay in budget implementation to Federal Court appeals on some paragraphs of the general budget, emphasizing that Article 16 is the most prominent article that the government appealed after voting on the budget in the House of Representatives.

“The Federal Court has not issued a state order regarding the results of the legal appeals of the articles until now,” Al-Mashhadani said in an interview with the Maalouma Agency, noting that “the government’s objection to the text of the article, which leads to authorizing governors to contract with companies implementing good cities.”

“The delay in the budget has nothing to do with the upcoming provincial council elections,” he continued, adding that “the delay in implementing the budget is due to appeals submitted to the Federal Court with some paragraphs of the general budget.”

“The Federal Court’s ruling to return the material will cost the government the sums of the penal conditions signed with companies affiliated with the private sector,” Al-Mashhadani stated, noting that “there are hidden reasons within the government that have not been announced yet.”

Despite the fact that the House of Representatives approved on the provisions of the general budget legislation some months ago, the government has yet to execute them.


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