An economic institution attributes the problem of increasing demand for homes in Iraq to the large consumption of imported goods


On Friday, the Future Iraq Foundation for Economic Studies and Consultations blamed the problem of rising dollar demand in the markets on the high consumption of imported commodities, which reached 55 billion US dollars during the current fiscal year, which is about to conclude.

In a report released today, the Foundation’s head, Manar Al-Obaidi, stated, “The basis of the problem of demand for the dollar is the consumption of imported goods and the rise in their bill annually until our imports for the year 2023 reached as follows: the UAE $19 billion, China $13 billion, Turkey $10 billion, and Iran $9 billion.” India received $4 billion.

He added, “What we need is a clear strategy that works, firstly, to limit the annual growth of imports, and then work to reduce it by adopting an agricultural, industrial, and extractive policy that reduces our need for raw materials,” stressing “the necessity of building a strategy for industrial transformation and supporting manufacturing industries.” “.

Al-Obaidi went on to remark, “Any other solution will make us always follow a policy of reaction to disasters that occur as a result of the absence of a clear strategy and anticipation of the future.”


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