An American institution: Washington’s pressures towards the Sudanese government threaten its survival


On Thursday, the American Century Foundation released a report confirming that the Sudanese administration faces a lot of obstacles, most notably American economic pressures.
According to the report, which was translated by the Maalouma Agency, “despite the progress made in Iraq in the services sector, providing job opportunities, and reducing regional tensions, the three main challenges remain, as data and reports highlight the risks of economic collapse due to deep structural challenges and complete reliance on… Oil exports, and one of the challenges that the government has found particularly difficult to cope with is the depreciation of the dinar and the pressure placed by the US to restrict the flow of the dollar and its equivalents.

“The other obstacle is social unrest and the fear of escalating tensions in Kirkuk, especially with the approaching local elections next December,” the study continued. Climate change also causes migration from the rural to cities, resulting in an increase in population density in areas with limited prospects and inadequate infrastructure.” Infrastructure crime may become more prevalent.
According to the research, “the most difficult dilemma confronting the current government is the issue of corruption, and defeating it is not an easy task.” It appears that its treatment is still mediocre, since no one has been held fully accountable for the wide-ranging concerns that strike at the heart of politically supported corruption, such as the “theft of $2.5 billion,” dubbed the “theft of the century.” This corruption persists.

According to the study, “Al-Sudani has so far succeeded in balancing the competing interests of the coalition he leads.” For example, he negotiated agreements to keep federal money for Iraqi Kurdistan. However, it is uncertain if he will be able to continue making similar arrangements with… The elections are quickly coming, and the rivalry is fierce.


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