American website: Brain injuries and deep wounds caused by resistance strikes against US bases


According to a report published on Saturday by the Voice of America website, the strikes carried out by resistance factions in Iraq and Syria caused brain injuries and wounds to American forces stationed at the bases, while one of the contractors died after suffering a heart attack due to fear of the bombing operations.

According to the Maalouma Agency’s translation of the article, “the number of attacks on American forces has reached a total of 150 attacks since Biden took office as President of the United States, according to two American defense officials.”

According to him, “Israel claimed that the Middle East had become on fire since the Palestinian resistance movement launched its attacks on the occupying entity, but former and current officials say that the situation in Gaza is not only the main reason for the attacks on American forces, but also the American position in support of the occupying entity and the criminal bombing operations that it carried out.” carried out against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

“The primary goal of the attacks on American forces is to expel the United States from the region,” retired General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, former chief of US Central Command in the Middle East, stated. “The escalation of attacks has increased with the ongoing war in Gaza.”

According to the report, “The United States has increased its presence in the region to protect approximately 2,500 American soldiers in Iraq and 900 soldiers in Syria,” according to US Senator Lindsey Graham. “The United States is fortunate that no American was killed directly from the attacks during the past month.”


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