American newspaper: The United States lost hundreds of its soldiers in Ukraine


The Daily Beast site reported on Wednesday that the US has lost hundreds of former troops in Ukraine, stating that many of their fates are unknown or their remains have not been located amid the American proxy war in Ukraine.

According to the report, which was translated by the Maalouma “hundreds of American volunteers have arrived in Ukraine since the beginning of its proxy war against Russia, and with an indication of a decline in American government support, the fate of dozens of them has become unknown as a result of the ongoing fighting against Russian forces.”

According to the source, “in addition to the American soldiers, there are a number of other NATO forces.”

“The process of searching for soldiers who were killed not long ago is an impossible matter,” said Irina Khoroshayeva, one of the Ukrainian volunteers dispatched to hunt for the remains of soldiers who had been lost for a long time amidst the fog and confusion of battle. It can take weeks to find the decayed remains of troops, which are frequently… hidden amid numerous other decaying bodies.”

According to the study, “foreigners, including many Americans, were deployed alongside Ukrainians to the most brutal eastern and southern fronts.” They registered with the International Legion in regular armed forces and volunteer battalions without telling or registering their embassies.” Their DNA so they can be identified if they are killed.”


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