American newspaper: Biden’s corruption dates back to the Obama era


The corruption of current President Joe Biden by exploiting his position for business dealings and earning millions of dollars for the benefit of his family dates back to the days of former President Barack Obama when he was vice president, according to a report published on Saturday by the American newspaper The Washington Times, and Obama was aware of this.

According to the report, “Biden’s financial interests affected US foreign policy, while congressional investigators, journalists, and prosecutors ultimately cannot form a complete picture of wrongdoing without integrating the actions of Barack Obama and his staff.”

“The investigations revealed that former President Barack Obama allowed the Biden family to work with impunity under his watch,” he said, “which is another stain in the legacy of the forty-fourth president, who has become increasingly chaotic.”

“Obama’s clear acceptance of his then-Vice President Biden’s immoral or illegal activities made him an even bigger fraud,” he said, “so why was Hunter Biden accompanying his father to countries where he might have business interests?” And why were business partners of the Biden family permitted access to the Obama White House?” Hundreds of times? And there is no question that Obama was aware that Hunter Biden’s business colleagues, who visited the White House more than 80 times during his presidency, had a back door.”

According to the article, “investigators must recognize the existence of a wide network of corruption, because Biden’s corruption is yet another sign that Obama gave us nothing more than a thin veneer of hope and another thick layer of hypocrisy.”


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