American forces increase the number of soldiers in Ain al-Assad


On Monday, a security source in Anbar Governorate stated that American troops relocated a number of their men from locations in the Gulf nations to the Ain al-Assad camp.

The source said in a statement to the “Al-Ma’louma” agency, “The American forces conducted secret transfers of a large number of their advisors and combat forces to the Ain Al-Assad base in the Al-Baghdadi district of Hit district, west of Anbar, and according to estimates by the security leaders present inside the base building, the number reached more than “From 6,000 advisors and fighters.”

He went on to say, “The current period has witnessed a significant increase in the number of American forces in conjunction with the Zionist-American aggression against Gaza.”

He went on to say that “the increase in the number of American forces inside the Al-Asad base came after expansion operations were carried out on the base’s buildings,” and he added that “the security leaders inside the Ain Al-Asad base building do not have sufficient information about the reasons for the increase in the number of American forces inside the base building.”

Earlier, a security source said that planes carrying American personnel and equipment landed at the Ain al-Asad air base west of Anbar.


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