American forces adopt the Patriot system to confront Iraqi resistance attacks


On Saturday, a security source in Anbar stated that American forces had deployed the Patriot system to counter missile assaults on the Ain al-Asad air base west of the governorate.

According to the source, the Maalouma Agency was told, “The American forces deployed the Patriot system to intercept flying objects hitting the Ain al-Assad base, after the failure of the defensive system previously used by the American forces and their inability to confront the attacks of the Iraqi resistance.”

He went on to say, “The installation of the Patriot anti-missile and anti-drone system shows the extent of the heavy losses incurred by the American forces as a result of the missile attacks on the Al-Assad base building.”

Since October 18, 2023, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has carried out a series of missile and drone assaults against American military locations in Iraq and Syria in reaction to the US’ backing for the Zionist occupation in its war on Gaza.


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