America says it is following the resumption of Kurdistan oil exports and the draft oil and gas law


The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources reported on Tuesday that an American diplomatic mission affirmed that Washington is closely monitoring the process of resuming oil exports through the region’s pipeline to Turkey and enacting the oil and gas law.

According to a ministry statement obtained by Shafaq News Agency, the Kurdistan Minister of Electricity and Natural Resources, Kamal Muhammad Salih, met with the American Consul General in Erbil, Mark Straw, today, Tuesday, and expressed his desire to invest in the electricity, energy, and oil sectors.

The statement stated that the American consul confirmed that his country is closely following the process of resuming the region’s oil exports (via the region’s pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan) and the issuance of the draft federal oil and gas law, indicating that Washington knows that suspending exports has negative effects on the region’s oil exports. Revenues generated by the area and its governmental sector.

According to the statement, Straw stated that fixing the revenue situation and enacting the oil and gas law are among his country’s policy and program goals.

According to the statement, Minister Saleh thanked America for its role in prioritizing efforts to resume the region’s oil exports, follow up on addressing oil and gas problems, expand investment, and approve the federal oil and gas law with the Kurdistan Region’s participation.


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