Alina Romanowski What Is Illegal “You”


I inform the terrorist ambassador of the United States of America government, Alena Romanowski, that the presence of your country’s terrorist forces in Iraq is illegal, as are your illegal movements within Iraq, as is your interference in internal Iraqi security affairs, and as a result, your presence, movement, and statements are illegal and illegal. You are quite welcome.
You sad bastard, you’re uninterested in our business, and the day will come when you’ll be restrained. We beseech God, Blessed and Exalted be He, to hasten that day. For a long time, the American ambassador’s intervention in Iraqi and Iraqi matters has beyond its limit. She is acting in the manner of a high-ranking diplomat.

” “The British Bill saw early on how deep the Sufi priest Abdul Rahman al-Naqib’s thirst for life and posts, and he became the first Iraqi Prime Minister in the history of the first Iraqi state in (1921)…”

Romanowski, the new “Bell” in Iraq’s Second State, apparently recognized the overwhelming desire of Iraq’s politicians and clergy for life, and that any talk about patriotism, asceticism, and other values are just empty media statements, so she went to Iraq, visiting, meeting, and declaring as if she were a commanding and forbidding ruler. And mustaches and beards in the new “Bell” pocket!

What’s the problem?

The catastrophe of Abd al-Rahman al-Naqib is that he is elderly, thirsty, and blind, and whomever bowed to the first “Bell” by stating just the captain’s greed, and there is an illness in his heart and a disease in his medication.
Is our group similar to theirs?
The second “Belle” Romanowski is an old hag, a promiscuous lady whom I observed playing with other women. What America’s gay terrorist envoy is doing in Iraq is inappropriate and violates diplomatic etiquette and decorum, and the “respectable” Iraqi government should send a strong message to the ambassador, “and confront” her clan, telling them, “I’m asking you for corruption.”
What the ambassador is doing is incompatible with the issue of Iraqi refugees.

As a result, the ambassador can be summoned and handed a letter of protest in response to her hollow words.
Is this a challenging task?

What occurred?

And let the ambassador write and make mistakes?

Whoever becomes a Hajji, we react with the late Salah Abdel Ghafour’s words: “Pride is in the honor of men”?

Because pride is there in the eyes of everyone who lacks respect.


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