Al-Tamimi: Al-Halbousi failed and lost his political weight, and he will pay a heavy price in the local elections


According to political analyst Qassem Al-Tamimi, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi has failed to fulfill his pledges to his supporters and has lost political weight, particularly in Anbar, and he would pay a high price in the province elections.

“Al-Halbousi’s fortunes in Anbar have greatly weakened, especially with the presence of many competitors in the Anbarian arena,” Al-Tamimi informed Al-Maalouma, “as he lost much of his popularity and political weight in this province.”

“The Speaker of Parliament may lose many of his seats when provincial council elections are held in Anbar Province,” he warned, “especially since this character has reached the end of his political phase in light of data available on the ground.”

“There are those who were building their hopes on al-Halbousi’s rise to power to achieve the demands of the masses who supported him in the last period,” he added, “but he did not fulfill his promises, failed, and will pay a heavy price in the local elections.”


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