Al-Sudani’s advisor: The step of linking Iraq to Iran with a railway network is very important


Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the government’s financial affairs advisor, confirmed: “The step of connecting Iraq with Iran with a railway network is a very important step that will contribute to organizing the transportation of goods and merchandise, as well as Iranian visitors, with Iraq.”

“Iran is a major trading partner for Iraq, and historically Iranian goods flow easily into Iraq,” Muhammad Salih said in a press statement, noting that imports of goods and merchandise except (gas) amount to at least $7 billion, which is a large figure for Iraqi imports and accounts for more than 10% of Iraq’s international imports.

And he emphasized that “this line will contribute to organizing the transportation of goods, merchandise, and even visitors, which is an important issue,” explaining that the lower the cost, regardless of the noise between the linkage at the regional level and the world, is an issue Regulatory is very important, whether trucking or train.

And the advisor went on to say, “Iraq is a country in which there is a large religious visit, being a great Islamic center, and this line will facilitate the transportation of visitors,” urging that other political strategies and theories on this issue be limited to a specific issue, particularly (trade and visitors) between Iraq and Iran.


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