Al-Sudani The recovery of those convicted on corruption charges will be a standard for Iraq’s relations with other countries


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani said that the release of individuals convicted of corruption will set a precedent for Iraq’s ties with the rest of the world. According to a statement acquired by Shafaq News Agency, this occurred during his leadership of the seventh regular meeting of Iraqi ambassadors represented in Arab and international countries, in the presence of the Minister of international Affairs and top ministry officials.

Al-Sudani reviewed Iraq’s official position on recent regional developments, most notably the Palestinian issue, emphasizing engagement with Arab and international circles in order to negotiate a truce and offer humanitarian relief to our Palestinian people trapped in Gaza.

He noted that Iraq’s position was compatible with the historical attitude of the people, religious authority, and political leaders, emphasizing the need of revealing Iraq’s unambiguous position on the Palestinian question, which we consider a matter of principle and conviction.

The Prime Minister also reviewed the most notable achievements in the government program, in terms of services, combating poverty and unemployment, fighting corruption, and reforming the economic file, as well as reviewing the promising and future opportunities in the oil, strategic industries, and gas sectors, where Iraq will enter the market. worldwide gas and will attain self-sufficiency within 3-5 years, highlighting the challenges that the government’s efforts has encountered since it entered office till now.

Al-Sudani issued a series of orders to ambassadors and diplomatic posts in order to develop Iraq’s international relations, represent Iraq’s image abroad, and underline the country’s historical and economic significance. He also emphasized the importance of constant and direct connection with Iraqi communities.

He emphasized that one of the responsibilities of diplomatic missions overseas is to link people with their home country and to encourage creative artists and intellectuals to interact with and serve Iraq. His Excellency emphasized the need of developing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ work methods and selecting ambassadors based on experience, professionalism, and competency rather than party affiliation.

The Prime Minister stated that Iraq is serious about recovering individuals guilty of corruption and its stolen cash, and has made this a condition for building relations with nations. He also mentioned Iraq’s presence in international organizations, which must be simultaneous with Iraq’s financial contributions and achievement of the country’s goals.


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