Al-Sudani: The Iranian side has no problem in dealing commercially with Iraq using dinars or tomans


“Economic reform begins with the financial and banking sectors,” said Prime Minister “Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani,” adding that “the government is committed to providing the dollar at the official rate, and stressed that” The Iranian side has no problem dealing commercially with Iraq in dinars or tomans.

“Conducting the population census is the first step in implementing Article 140 of the Constitution, which has been postponed,” Al-Sudani stated in a televised interview followed by “Al-Mutalaa.” “The time has come to lift the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, which lie in border crossings and the budget,” he said, “which were scheduled to be held this year due to the provincial council elections.”

He went on to say. “We went to borrow from the Ministry of Finance to pay the salaries of the employees of the Kurdistan region, and we are in favor of finding a solution with a legal amendment that considers the employees of the Kurdistan region as equal to the rest of the employees of Iraq,” he added. “The government is keen to end the suffering of the Kurdistan employees’ salaries crisis.””95 percent of our trade now passes through the electronic platform,” he said, adding that “there are those who circumvent the law and buy the dollar at the parallel price.” Because he refuses to follow legal processes.

“He went on to say, “We will not accept that the official dollar price is equal to the parallel price; Because this encourages smuggling.”According to Al-Sudani, “there is no problem on the Iranian side in dealing commercially with Iraq in the dinar or toman currencies.” He went on to say, “The problem of commercial transfers to Turkey was solved by opening accounts in the Turkish lira.”He went on to say that “food prices maintained their stability, despite the attempts of manipulators to speculate on the price of the dollar.”


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