Al-Sudani Office: A Chinese company will establish an advanced industrial city in Basra


According to Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani’s media office, the latter welcomed the chairman of the Chinese Changxin Company, Zhang Jiming, and his accompanying party on Thursday morning.

According to the office, the Prime Minister confirmed during the meeting that Iraq has numerous potential investment prospects open to all investors, emphasizing that the government will give all of the facilities required by significant enterprises of all nationalities.

According to the statement, Changxin Company, one of the major Chinese corporations with numerous interests in various countries throughout the world, would undertake a project to construct an advanced industrial city in Basra Governorate for the manufacture and production of iron.

According to the statement, these projects are part of the government’s efforts to invest in natural resources and mineral wealth throughout Iraq, as well as to revitalize the industrial sector, which is a pillar of the economic reform packages that are a priority in the government’s program.

Xu Haifeng, the counselor to the Chinese embassy in Baghdad, stated yesterday, Wednesday, that Iraq is his country’s greatest investment target.

In a press conference held yesterday at the Chinese embassy in Baghdad, Haifeng stated that Iraq is a country rich in energy represented by oil and gas, and it is natural that the energy field is a relatively greater source of attraction for Chinese investments, which is in line with Iraq’s industrial diversity.

He went on to say that Iraq, in its current situation, is capable of attracting increased Chinese investment in new sectors.


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