Al-Sudani: Iraq’s relationship with America must develop beyond security issues


On Friday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani emphasized the necessity of expanding relations between Iraq and the United States in areas other than security.

This was said in an interview with Al-Sudani done by the American channel CNN, which touched on the security problem, in which the Iraqi Prime Minister stated that his country’s relationship with the US must progress beyond security concerns.

In response to US President Joe Biden’s invitation, Al-Sudani stated, “With regard to the invitation of US President Mr. Biden, the US and Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs are arranging a date this year,” noting that “one of the most important topics that must be discussed is the strategic framework agreement.”

He went on to say that the agreement “must be activated between the two countries, especially given the serious desire to develop this relationship.” “Our relationship between the United States and Iraq should not be limited to security, despite its importance,” he continues, adding, “but there is a need to activate other files and fields that are important today.” Iraq is a country with significant economic resources and a strong presence in the energy sector. There are several prospects for American corporations to operate in Iraq’s economic, service, and urban sectors.”

Concerning security and American participation in Iraq, the Iraqi Prime Minister stated, “What concerns us is the security situation and our relationship.”

“Today, Iraq does not require combat forces from the United States or the rest of the international coalition countries,” Al-Sudani stated. Today, Iraqi security forces have evolved to an advanced level of preparedness, competence, and ability to maintain security stability and hunt down ISIS cells, which represent organizations pursuing in the deserts,” he said. “Mountains and caves have no place and do not threaten the entity of the state,” he said.


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