Al-Sudani from Basra: It is time for the Iraqi economy to be linked to the global economic cycle


Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani stated today, Saturday, that his administration is exploring the construction of economic projects, industrial towns, and free zones in collaboration with neighboring nations.

In his statement at the start of the Industrial Partnerships Forum’s activities in Basra Governorate, Al-Sudani stated, “We are currently studying economic projects, industrial cities, and free zones with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Kuwait.”

The Prime Minister referred to the development road project as the “first Iraq” project, saying that it will establish industrial cities beginning at the port of Al-Faw and terminating at the Turkish border.

In his speech to open the forum, Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals Khaled Battal Al-Najm announced 90 participation opportunities between government companies and the private sector, as these investment opportunities represent wide sectors of various opportunities for companies, with the value of these investments reaching around $10 million.


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