Al-Sudani directs to simplify all banking procedures and prepare a list of facilities within a week


Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani presided over a meeting on Sunday to discuss banking reform processes, and demanded that all banking procedures be simplified and a suggested list of facilities be submitted within a week.

According to a statement from Al-Sudani’s media office, “Within the framework of his follow-up to the plan to implement financial and administrative reforms in the financial and banking sectors, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ Al-Sudani chaired, this Sunday evening, a meeting that included the Governor of the Central Bank and the directors of government banks.” It covered the methods and work mechanisms used to achieve banking reform, which is one of the fundamental stages for financial and economic reform and which the government is taking.

According to Al-Sudani, “Financial reform is not just a slogan, but rather a series of terms and procedures that the government is determined to implement without hesitation, and will face all the challenges and obstacles that hinder the implementation of systematic and thoughtful reform plans.”

According to the statement, the Prime Minister directed the simplification of all banking procedures, as well as the preparation of a proposed list of facilities and simplified procedures to be presented within a week, in addition to providing a summary of the obstacles impeding the banking reform process and proposing effective and implementable treatments for them, in a way that aids in overcoming the approved traditional contexts.


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