Al-Salhi: The government must hold the resigned ministers accountable


Today, Thursday, Rafiq Al-Salhi, a member of the House of Representatives, called on the government to hold accountable the ministers who resigned by order of the person expelled from the House of Representatives, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, while emphasizing that the constitutional oath must be followed before assuming the position.

According to Al-Salhi, in an interview with the “Al-Sudani is required to accept the dismissals that were submitted in order to bring in people working in the name of Iraq and not for a specific person,” and he added that “there is a political and popular rejection of such actions that lose the people’s confidence in the government.”

He went on to say, “The Federal Court’s decision to terminate Al-Halbousi’s membership exposed all those who do not truly represent Iraq and the constitutional oath,” and pointed out that “the constitutional oath must be adhered to and observed before assuming the position that is in the service of the state and the people.”

Al-Salhi went on to say: “The political quotas negatively affected the work of the ministries and made them affiliated with a specific party instead of the government,” and he added that “the government is required to hold accountable the ministers who submitted their resignations by order of the expelled from the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi.”

The coordinating framework’s chairman, Jabbar Odeh, announced in a statement to the Maalouma Agency that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, would be unable to return to his role after resigning from Parliament.

Many popular and political circles criticized the submission of resignations by order of Muhammad Al-Halbousi of the Ministers of Industry, Khaled Battal, Culture, Ahmed Al-Badrani, and Planning, Muhammad Tamim, following the decision of the Federal Supreme Court to terminate his membership.


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