Al-Saadi: Iraq has exceeded expectations of victory over terrorism and does not need any American forces


Baghdad / News…
Jawad Rahim Al-Saadi, Secretary-General of the Jihad and Construction Movement, stated that Iraq, with its security services and public mobilization, exceeded American expectations, confirming the country’s need for 30 years to destroy terrorism.

“Iraq has a security system that is considered one of the strongest systems in the region after the experiences and battles waged by the security services and the popular crowd that emerged with the fatwa of the religious authority, as well as distinguished intelligence agencies,” Al-Saadi told Al-Maalouma, “and therefore Iraq does not need any American combat forces at all.”

“There is a party that seeks to pass its plans aimed at destabilizing Iraq and inflaming the people against the government, as this party works to create and promote crises,” he continued.

“The security services were able to thwart the plan aimed at destroying Iraq through the terrorist ISIS, as they were able to eliminate it in a period of three years, i.e. 10% of what was expected and planned by the American side, which confirmed at the time that Iraq needs 30 years to get rid of ISIS terrorism,” he added.


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