Al-Nujaba’s first comment after Al-Sadr’s demand to close the American embassy in Baghdad


The Iraqi Nujaba Movement reiterated its support for Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr’s decision to demand the closing of the American embassy in Baghdad, while emphasizing the evacuation of all foreign soldiers from Iraq.
Haider Al-Lami, a member of the movement’s political bureau, told Al-Mutala’ Agency in an exclusive interview, “The American embassy in Baghdad has been planning to restructure Iraq and tear apart its social fabric since 2003.” As a result, as long as the subject is tied to the movement’s interest, Al-Sadr’s efforts to close it are supported.”Country” .
“Ain al-Assad base and other bases are no more dangerous than the embassy in Baghdad, because they include members of the Islamic State,” Al-Lami remarked.

He underscored the fact that “this embassy does not apply to the terms of the agreement in Vienna, in addition to being a military barracks far from diplomatic work,” in addition to the fact that “all the American bases located on Iraqi territory do not carry any legal basis that regulates their presence.”
He went on to say that “no party can grant legitimacy to the establishment of American bases on Iraqi soil, especially after the House of Representatives’ decision to remove all foreign forces from the country.”


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