Al-Maliki: America is putting pressure on Sudanese to protect its bases in Iraq


Abbas al-Maliki, a member of the State of Law coalition, confirmed today, Friday, that America is putting pressure on Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani to protect its bases and stop the attacks, despite the fact that al-Sudani has no connection to these attacks.
Al-Maliki was quoted as saying, “The Sudanese position was strong on the Palestinian issue, and therefore the Prime Minister cannot take less than the position he took, especially since the Iraqi street, political parties, religious authorities, and most sectors of the Iraqi people are unanimous in standing by the Palestinian people.”

“The Palestinians are being subjected to genocide by the Zionist entity,” he said, “and it is the duty of any Muslim to stand up for the truth, support the oppressed, and raise his voice against the oppressor, as the Sudanese did.” However, political considerations show that the US is putting pressure on the Sudanese as long as their bases are subjected to constant bombardment and targeting.”
“America believes that Iraq is the starting point for the continuous attacks on its bases in the region, whether in Syria or Iraq,” he said. “As a result, Washington is putting pressure on Sudanese to stop these attacks, despite the fact that Sudanese are not linked to any party that carries out these attacks or can stop them.”


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