Issa Al-Issawi, the head of the Sovereignty Alliance, remarked on Saturday about the likelihood of his election to the Iraqi Parliament to replace the deposed Speaker of the Council, Muhammad Al-Halbousi.

Al-Issawi informed Shafaq News Agency that he is the first reserve candidate for the first district in Anbar Governorate, which was formerly represented by Muhammad Rikan Al-Halbousi, and that under High Electoral Commission rules, any deputy whose membership lapses or expires is replaced by the reserve candidate.

He went on to say: “Since the Federal Court decided to terminate Al-Halbousi’s membership, according to the law, I will be his replacement to occupy the parliamentary seat for the first district in the Fallujah District in Anbar Governorate.”

He went on to say: “After the end of the administrative procedures between the Election Commission, the Federal Court, and the House of Representatives, I will go to the House of Representatives, to take the constitutional oath, and obtain membership in Parliament.”

On Tuesday, November 14, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, should be removed from office due to a “forgery” case filed by Representative Laith al-Dulaimi.

Following the court’s verdict, Al-Halbousi stated in a speech to the House of Representatives, as reported by Shafaq News Agency, that “there are those who seek to fragment the political components of society.”

Jassem Muhammad Abboud, the head of Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority, confirmed the day before yesterday, Thursday, that the decision to terminate the membership of Speaker of the House of Representatives Muhammad al-Halbousi is binding on all authorities and is not subject to legal challenge.


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