Al-Halbousi opens fire on the Central Bank: money smuggling chaos!


Today, Monday, economic expert Omar Al-Halbousi revealed a “big dilemma” that arose after the US introduced Iraq to the external transfer platform, emphasizing that the complexity and delay in sending remittances is the work of influential people and speculators who manipulate the financial and banking sectors and for them. Dangerous central bank influence.

In an exclusive statement to ” Jarida “, Al-Halbousi stated, “After the American decision to introduce Iraq to the external transfer platform to control and limit black transfers, a major dilemma emerged, which is the complex procedures by the Central Bank and banks, which led to the delay in sending transfers.”

“This delay caused complaints from citizens and merchants who were dissatisfied with the delay and the complex procedures that the Central Bank could have avoided if it had better used its authority to monitor and hold violators accountable,” he continued.

According to Al-Halbousi, “the complexity and delay have a goal, which is to continue chaos in remittances, so that the black transfer process remains under this chaos.”

“Despite the presence of the platform,” the economic expert added, “there are black transfers that take place in a specific direction, and from there they are branched out in more than one direction to reach the desired place.”

“The Central Bank not only overlooked the chaos and black transfers,” he claimed, “but there is deliberate collusion by the Central Bank with the banks to continue the smuggling process and make it difficult for people, in order to exploit this chaos by passing money to certain parties.”

Al-Halbousi predicted that the platform’s complexity would persist, explaining, “Because it is in the interest of some parties for it to remain in this form, so that they can pass what they want, and to justify the arguments of delay and complexity, this is attributed to the platform, but the truth is that it is not the platform’s doing.”

The economic expert concluded his statement by blaming “the influential people and speculators who dangerously manipulate the financial and banking sectors, and have dangerous influence in the Central Bank, for the delay and complexity in sending remittances.”


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