Al-Fath regarding targeting American bases: a natural response and awaiting more


Today, Wednesday, the Al-Fatah Alliance referred to hitting American bases in Iraq as a “natural response,” and while it acknowledged the presence of additional escalation against the American occupation, it made no mention of Biden’s visit to Israel.

In an interview with the “Al-Ma’louma” news agency, coalition leader Ali Hussein stated, “The senile American President, Joe Biden, during his meeting with the president of the usurping entity, officially announced that his country will stand with Israel, and he supports it in everything, which infuriated the Iraqi resistance.”

“The presence of a reaction from resistance factions towards the American bases in Iraq is a natural response, especially after the bombing of the Gaza Hospital and the new American position,” he continued, implying that “Israel, through its military operations in Iraq,”

“Biden should have been smarter and tried to calm things down, and go with the humanitarian aspect more than the ethnic one,” the leader of the Al-Amiri group remarked. As a result, bombing American military outposts in Iraq is a logical reaction,” he adds, “and there will be more if the American occupation and the Zionist entity are escalated.” “The usurper towards what is happening in Gaza.”

Earlier, Hassan Salem, the representative of the Al-Sadiqoun Bloc and the head of the Parliamentary Martyrs, Victims, and Political Prisoners Committee, called for opening the door to volunteering to support the Palestinian people in their honorable fight, the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” against the Zionist entity, emphasizing the importance of stopping the aggression and bringing aid to the people of Palestine.

The Iraqi opposition struck the American “Ain al-Assad” and “Al-Harir” sites today, Wednesday. In response to Biden’s recent support for Zionists, as well as the attack on the Baptist Hospital.


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