Al-Fateh: Washington has doubled its combat presence during the past months in Ain al-Assad


On Tuesday, Jabbar Odeh, the chairman of the Al-Fatah Alliance, disclosed that Washington has just quadrupled its military equipment in Ain al-Assad.

“The agreement between Baghdad and Washington stipulates the presence of unarmed American advisors,” Odeh stated in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “but what we see is the opposite, as there are planes, helicopters, and heavy weapons in Ain Al-Assad.”

“Part of the American military convoy movement in Iraq was recently under the pretext of heading to Syria, but it reached Ain al-Assad, which contributed to doubling the mechanisms in the past three months,” he continued.

He stated that “everyone is ready to put an end to any American conspiracy because the country does not need those forces and their departure is in the best interests of the country and the region in general.”

Former military advisor Safaa Al-Assam previously accused the American side of continuing blackmail operations in the Al-Tanf border area for the purpose of ensuring the survival of his forces, implying that the American forces condone and cooperate with terrorist elements in those areas.


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