Al-Fateh: The Sudanese government thwarted the region’s attempt to push Washington into the crisis line


Ali Hussein Al-Fatlawi, the leader of the Al-Fatah Alliance, affirmed on Sunday the success of Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani’s administration in defeating the region’s strategy by drawing the American party into the new issue with Baghdad.

“The demand of some regional leaders for American intervention in the crisis line of the region and the center, to be a pressure card on the Sudanese government,” Al-Fatlawi told Al-Maalouma, adding that “it was thwarted by informing the American side not to intervene because the crisis is an internal matter.”

“The external forces on which the regional leaders were relying began to abandon them because they discovered a real policy and a strong government within Iraq,” he continued.

According to him, “the Sudanese government has thwarted all the region’s attempts through the intervention of the external factor, including the American side, by informing them that the crisis between the region is internal and can be resolved by sitting at the negotiating table and in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.”

According to al-Fatlawi, “some of the region’s leaders begged the Americans for help in order to be a pressure card on the government of Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani.”

It recently generated a big conflict between the Baghdad and Erbil governments over the file of wages for Kurdistan employees and financial shares for the area, at a time when the federal government affirms that the Kurdish side is not committed to handing over the territory’s financial shares.


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