Al-Fateh: The American decision still dominates Iraq.. What do we need to get rid of it?


Today, Saturday, the Al-Fatah Alliance stated that American decision-making remains “dominant” over Iraqi political decision-making, and while it recognized that the nation has not fully recovered, it suggested that Iraqi finances be removed from American possession.

In an interview with the Maalouma Agency, coalition leader Aed Sahib stated, “America is putting pressure on Iraq because it has not completely emerged from the UN resolutions, especially since the process of removing Iraqi funds from American custody may result in the loss and seizure of these funds.”

“The Iraqi state’s decision has not fully recovered,” he added. When we compare the strength of the Iraqi choice to Qatar’s in dealing with the United States of America, we see that the former is stronger.

“These policies confirm one thing, which is that Iraq has not officially recovered, and the American decision is still dominant and in control of Iraqi political decision-making,” the Al-Amiri coalition’s head added.

Sahib continued: “We need a long period for Iraq to get rid of these accumulations and control its economic situation away from America.”

Haider al-Abadi, the chairman of the Victory Alliance, earlier revealed that America is putting sanctions on us regarding the dollar without blocking its smuggling through Turkish and Emirates banks, showing that Washington regards Iraq as a “wall of fate.”

During the current time, America has attempted to undermine the Iraqi currency by putting sanctions on Iraqi institutions and prohibiting the use of the dollar under various pretexts, which has resulted in a major financial crisis in Iraqi markets.


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