Al-Fateh: Iraq has many options to respond to the American aggression


Ahmed Rahim, a representative from the Al-Fatah Alliance, said on Thursday that Iraq has numerous alternatives and cards to play in reaction to the predictable American activities toward the nation.

Rahim told the newspaper, “What the United States of America is doing is very expected and there is nothing surprising in its actions towards Iraq, at a time when the government holds many political and economic cards against Washington.”

“Many countries are willing to cooperate economically with Iraq and have stated this explicitly,” he continued. As a result, collaboration in this sector is not confined to the American government, and Iraq has several choices to end its relationship with America.”

He went on to say that “the eastern camp has great potential, especially on the economic level, and Iraq can conclude oil and financial agreements and exchange currencies with them, which confirms that Iraq has many options that do not make it tied to the American administration.”


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