Al-Fateh: 2023 is the year of American failure in Iraq after its failure to pass four malicious plans


Uday Abdul Hadi, the chairman of the Al-Fatah Alliance, predicted 2023 as the year of collapse for American goals in Iraq on Sunday.

“Washington is deliberately pursuing a multiple agenda in the Iraqi arena,” Abdul Hadi said in an interview with Al-Maalouma, “the first and last goal of which is to make it weak and in a state of instability, while pushing to keep the infrastructure of services, especially in the energy file, marginalized and unable to meet the local demand for electricity in order to use it as a card.” Governments are under pressure.

“2023 can be described as a year of failure for the American agenda,” he added, “beginning with its failure to disrupt the oil agreement with Tehran, to the continuation of importing gas to maintain the operation of electricity production plants after the failure of four attempts to disrupt it, all the way to confronting attempts to use the dollar to create an economic crisis through markets by raising material prices.” “food”.

“The American role in the Middle East has begun to decline significantly,” he said, “especially as many countries have begun to distrust Washington as the main cause of many crises and was behind the emergence of a series of terrorist organizations over the past four decades.”

America maintains a number of military facilities throughout the Middle East, including Iraq, and is attempting to impose its agenda, which mostly serves Tel Aviv’s interests.


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