Al-Barti: The political document included passing the oil and gas law, and the movement is going in this direction


Sherif Suleiman, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, confirmed today, Friday, that the political movement is underway toward passing the oil and gas law in the coming weeks, pointing out that the political document prioritized the oil and gas law in the laws in order to ensure the equitable distribution of wealth among the governorates.

According to Suleiman, “The oil and gas law is one of the most important laws in state administration, and it has been obstructed and postponed for many years as a result of the lack of agreement and consensus on it between the various political forces and parties.”

Furthermore, he stated, “The oil and gas law will see the light in the coming period, which may be during the next legislative term of Parliament, especially since the political document has emphasized the importance of this law and placed its passage among the priorities.”

In a statement, he said “there is a government intention to pass the aforementioned law within Parliament, but it will not pass easily and will require a lot of time and discussions within the corridors of Parliament before voting on it proceeds.”


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