Al-Amiri: If America intervenes in Palestine, we will intervene and will not hesitate to target


Hadi Al-Amiri, the coordinating framework’s chairman and the head of the “Nabni” electoral alliance, warned America on Monday with striking it if it intervened with Israel against the Palestinians, while claiming that Iran’s backing for Iraq against ISIS rescued it from collapse.

According to a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, Al-Amiri said in a speech while receiving a group of Iraqi tribal sheikhs, “The victories achieved in Palestine have been unable to be achieved by all Arab armies, and the new Iraq stands with the Palestinian cause and we will not back down from supporting it.”

“All Arab leaders abandoned the Palestinian cause,” he said, “and only the Islamic Revolution and resistance factions remained.” Today, the Palestinian people’s will has triumphed, and the Palestinian cause has gained popularity among supporters of the Prophet’s family and religious authorities.”

said, “It is with great pride that we say that the Palestinian people achieved a great victory over the Zionist enemy,” saying, “No one would have thought that Palestine would achieve this victory over the Zionist entity and the failure of the Zionist intelligence.”

“We, as Iraqis and sons of the twentieth revolution, must support the Palestinian cause with all our might,” Al-Amiri said, adding that “the banners of Palestine’s liberation will be launched from Iraq.”

Al-Amiri issued a statement stating that if “America intervenes in Palestine, we will intervene and will not hesitate to target,” adding, “Our position is clear regarding supporting the Palestinian cause because the Palestinian people are an oppressed people.”

Al-Amiri, on the other hand, believed that “the position of the Supreme Authority, Mr. Al-Sistani, prevented the igniting of the sectarian war in Iraq,” noting that “when ISIS occupied a third of Iraq, the tribes rushed to protect it from collapse.”

He went on to say, “If the tribes had not fulfilled the fatwa of the blessed authority, we would not have been able to overthrow the terrorist ISIS, and had it not been for the position and support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we would have been news.”


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