Al-Abadi’s coalition advises the framework: Do not close the Washington embassy.. You will lose and the Gaza war will not stop


Salam Al-Zubaidi, the leader of the Victory Coalition, stated that expelling the American ambassador and closing the embassy will not stop the war in Gaza, explaining that the government is in a critical position due to Washington’s great influence in Iraq and the region, while emphasizing that using “energy weapons” against the Americans is difficult because it requires strength and unity of decision.

The coordination framework will convene in the coming days, and there may be a response to Al-Sadr’s proposal to close the American embassy, as well as a list of solutions to help the government deal with the current diplomatic and security standoff.

Diplomatic representation and embassies are controlled by international law and norms, and Iraq cannot take rash action in this respect, as a balance must be struck between the amount of the harm and the value of closing the embassy. Will the closure help the Palestinian cause, and will America soften its stance on Israel’s violence against Palestine? Will Iraq be spared the consequences of this action? No, of course not.

The expulsion of the American ambassador, as well as the closure of the embassy and diplomatic bodies, would not put an end to Israeli aggression. The government is embarrassed to confront a serious economic issue, and the American side, whether we agree with it or not, has considerable power in the area, particularly in Iraq.

Iraq has not yet reached the point where it can withstand the repercussions of actions that may affect higher interests, such as the ascent of the dollar and others.

Extending the reach of conflict and displaying weapons serves no one’s interests, and the harm will outweigh the benefit. As a result, we must pursue solutions that are just to the Palestinian people. It is feasible to use energy weapons to persuade the Security Council and America to modify their attitudes, but Iraq cannot do so alone. There must be unity and decision-making unity.

The coordination framework met with the factions, and there was a vision consensus, and senior officials in these factions declared that they would have a unified opinion or a unified position with the government, and thus they would not deviate from the government’s position, and whoever deviates from this context will harm Iraq.

Targeting American bases at random may create a front for us that we do not need, since we do not want to get involved in costly conflicts.


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