After being bombed, American planes carrying soldiers and equipment landed at the Al-Assad and Al-Tanf bases


According to a security source in Anbar Governorate, American jets carrying a huge number of personnel and military equipment arrived at the Al-Asad and Al-Tanf sites on Thursday.

According to the report, “Ain Al-Assad Air Base in Al-Baghdadi district of Hit district, west of Anbar, and the Syrian Al-Tanf base witnessed the landing of American planes carrying soldiers and military equipment, with the aim of strengthening the security protection of the two bases after they were attacked by drones.”

He went on to say that “there is information indicating human casualties and material losses as a result of the attack, but this information was filtered by the American forces for known reasons.”

The source explained, “The American forces transferred military reinforcements from one of their bases in the State of Kuwait to the Syrian base of Al-Assad and Al-Tanf, as part of the efforts made to strengthen precautionary measures around these bases due to the fear that they will be exposed to similar attacks in the future, as a result of their absolute support for the Zionist occupation forces in their brutal attacks against the Palestinians.” “.

Earlier morning, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq used three drones to attack the Al-Tanf base, claiming that the targets were struck directly and properly.

Yesterday, October 18, 2023, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for attacking American bases in Ain al-Assad and Harir in Iraqi Kurdistan, while American forces vowed more operations, emphasizing that they will not stand by and watch the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.


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