Accusations are being pursued against the American ambassador of supporting decadence and indecent expressions


On Saturday, Muhammad Al-Sahhaf, the chairman of the Al-Asr Center for Strategic Studies and Research, accused US Ambassador to Baghdad Elena Romanski of fostering moral decay and immoral displays.

Al-Sahhaf said in an interview with the Al- “America seeks in every way to distort and distort the value and moral system of the Iraqi people by establishing and supporting such activities, seizing national events, and exporting models that have nothing to do with the Iraqi identity.”

He went on to say, “It is more appropriate to honor the sacrificers who confronted the most powerful terrorist organization and highlight the sons of Iraq who defended international peace and security, fought on behalf of the entire world, and confronted the terrorist organization ISIS.”

He underscored the importance of “the awareness of our struggling people to form an intellectual wall against these activities that seek to spread decadence and corruption and to stand with a firm stance in the face of these deviant ideas.”

Al-Sahhaf urged the Iraqi government, represented by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to “take a firm and serious stance condemning this act and holding those responsible accountable so that the same thing does not happen again in the future.”

Hadi Al-Salami, an independent MP, had asked Al-Sudani three questions concerning the festival issue.